Tuesday, August 5

Burgers, sans the courgettes

There’s no need to water this morning as a fair part of the Celtic Sea appears to have been deposited on the yard overnight. I’ve lit a fire to air the homestead. It’s not exactly trickling down the walls but humidity here is so high you’d think we were afloat.

Just now the area is both quiet and busy. Some of the neighbours are away and there’s no one for white-van-man to deliver to, and no school bus or early-morning commute. Conversely there’s a steady supply of hikers, and the principal roads are bumper to bumper caravans and smart motors (Sunday en route to the Dog & Duck I passed a Lamborghini).

Lunch in Totnes today, for a change of diet. We continued the fish theme following Friday’s goujons. Pan fried scallops with ginger and spring onions (and Thai rice) gave way to crab bisque, potted shrimp, smoked allsorts, and an excellent salmon, with refried pink firs from Mrs G’s vegetable patch (deluxe fish and chips). This morning I feel a burger coming on, preferably one that is fish-free and isn’t accompanied by courgettes.

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