Thursday, August 21

Bite my tongue

If you were following today’s news you’d think the world was going to hell in a handcart. Yet given my recent reading material, an off world observer would conclude it is business as usual. If the Greek epics are to be believed, rampaging across the countryside inflicting mayhem and misery has been a valid career choice for centuries; and the young British men interviewed on television yesterday are merely demonstrating the same enthusiasm for fighting in Syria and Iraq as the recruits to pals’ battalions in WWI. I’m no George Galloway apologist, but what’s the difference between the reprobates heading off via Turkey – other than a tendency to psychopathic behaviour – and the much lauded socialist heroes who went to fight in Spain during the ’30s? Needless to say such careless talk in the vicinity of Mrs G. gets short shrift. When you’re married to someone who thinks Sarah Palin a wimp you have to choose your words carefully.

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