Sunday, October 7

Same old, again

I won’t say it’s becoming tedious, blaming the boomers, but then I guess inter-generational strife is not exactly a new phenomenon. Boomers could argue that at least they’ve avoided the world wars which defined their parents and grandparents: although it wasn’t for the lack of trying, and it would be to ignore everything from Vietnam to Afghanistan. I continue to stand by my original premise that people, in general, get what they deserve, what they vote for. The fallout from our current economic difficulties – and I suspect it has hardly started – was a collective finger in the ear from both generations. If something looks too good to be true then it usually is. When some idiot tells you he’s abolished boom and bust and that borrowing to spend is a public virtue, you question his sanity – you don’t dive in. Yes we could have done a number of things better than we did. However, it appears the next generation want much of the same.

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