Sunday, July 15

Village Proms

Galvanised by Friday’s televised first night of the 2012 Proms, last night we attended a concert given by another of the local singing groups. Their programme, Masters of the King’s Music, featured the work of Purcell, Elgar and Handel (along with Weelkes, Williams, Byrd, Tallis and Davies). Entertainment aside I had wondered at the general standard of other choirs in the immediate area, and this one didn’t disappoint. They came mob-handed, so to speak, with their own orchestra. The line-up featured a number of old favourites, not least – given the recent Queen’s Jubilee (and the footy) – a spirited Zadok the Priest, and concluded after two hours with a rousing performance of the Hallelujah Chorus. The audience was almost as interesting as the choir. It could have been lifted from the set of Midsomer Murders. Pity our subsequent takeaway meal from the local ‘Chinese’ wasn’t of a similar standard to the music. It was the first carry out I can recall eating since our last visit to Rosemount Viaduct, some considerable time ago.

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