Monday, July 9

Lords reform

Although we are not so directly affected as farming neighbours, the weather continues to frustrate our day-to-day activities. That’s us, by the way: beneath the Met Office’s red blob. Not that old chestnut again you cry. However, as mundane a subject as the weather may be, it is difficult not to comment on the effects of each successive storm or deluge, the ongoing consequences of our enduring low pressure system. Who’d have thought the jet stream would loom so large in our national consciousness. Then again, in these difficult economic times, the floods must be a boon to carpeting and furniture manufacturers. I’m just pleased we took care of the drains and soakaway last autumn, the water that has been running off the moor and past our door is a sight to see. All we have to do now is fix the roof. Given what’s going on in most people’s life I have to wonder at the preoccupations of our lords and masters. Do they ever stop and consider what percentage of the rank and file bothers to listen, and is our apathy the root cause?

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