Friday, July 6

English summer

Ah the pleasures of an English summer, a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours. Damn it, it’s July – and we have just taken delivery of another lorry-load of firewood. You have to keep the home fires burning in order to air the house, central heating isn’t quite the same thing. Morale is all in these conditions, and supplies from one of our favourite market stalls – along with a bottle of Sicilian vino, allows us to imagine a more Mediterranean climate. Whilst it’s true the outside has never looked so green, straw-coloured vegetation would be a lot more comforting. Needless to say local businesses are struggling to promote the brand; unless you seek the isolation of a partially submerged caravan in some far corner of a farmer’s field this isn’t the place to be. Thanks partly to regular infusions of comfort food and large portions of fruit cake it ain’t all bad. I’ve lots to read and a backlog of chores to occupy myself with, and if I become too melancholy (our swallows have fledged and buggered off back to South Africa), there’s always the Dog & Duck.

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