Thursday, March 15

The Nelson excuse

Whilst there have been moments during the last 48 hours when we’ve glimpsed the fence at the bottom of the yard, for the most part the fog has won out. The upside has been a certain willingness on my part to ignore work (out of sight out of mind) and sit watching the televised racing. What with Cheltenham and the action from Stamford Bridge it’s been an exciting couple of days. Needs must however, although even when outside it is too easy to become distracted. Cock pheasants asserting territorial claims are compulsive viewing, worthy of a chalk board in themselves. Late night back-doubles from the Dog & Duck (with scarcely 10yds visibility) is an interesting exercise: 10 miles of adrenalin generating twists and turns on a bleak stretch of the moor – sans white lines, cats eyes, and, occasionally, tarmac.

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