Thursday, May 15

Show time

After a day spent wandering the Devon County Show - the annual showcase for the area’s food and farming industry - I have to tell you I’m absolutely buggered. 90 acres is a lot of ground to cover. Poor weather kept the crowds down, which was a bonus. It was still shoulder to shoulder in Camra’s tent, though I failed to catch sight of HRH. Worked my way through a good selection of ciders, and gorged on venison burgers and roast beef baps. Bumped into some old friends from Bulkworthy. Did the rounds of the sheep pens (entries from as far afield as Inverurie), and watched as they judged the racing pigeons. Accompanied Mrs G. on her inspection of the horticultural exhibits. Listened as the brass bands performed their sets. Cursory glimpse of the show jumping (can’t get excited - ruddy-cheeked women with big butts). I'd guess 25,000 people - and just one black face, riding a buggy. Not quite the antithesis of the Notting Hill Carnival but definitely a different world. A different tribe. Hillary Clinton country, probably. Returned home with two top ribs of beef that would feed 20 people, and some thinly sliced calves liver and a jug of cider for supper.

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