Saturday, May 10

Roll over Sunday?

I’ve no doubt Steve Bruce has his eyes on Fergie’s desk should the Man Utd manager win the double and decide to quit this summer. However, Keane, Hughes and even Paul Ince may have something to say about it. And will it influence Sparky’s team tomorrow? One thing's for sure, young Alex is going to need a bag of clean underwear under the bench. And a pair of earplugs: they’re issuing the fans with 20,000 clapperboards. Let’s be realistic, with two out the three (Blues, Reading and Fulham) going down, you have to fancy Reading at Derby. I’m hoping Jewell’s team are pissed-off enough by Steve Coppell’s lad rubbishing them to do something unexpected, but I wont hold my breath. Maybe it would be for the best if Karren Brady took the Arsenal job - like Labour, Birmingham management appears apathetic and needs new blood; unfortunately, she's of an age when most women baulk at the challenge. Forecast: Derby v Reading 0-0; Portsmouth v Fulham 2-0; Birmingham v Blackburn 3-1 (I'm assuming Brad Friedel injures himself running onto the pitch).

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