Tuesday, May 20

Rising transport costs

If someone had told me a year ago that the cost of diesel would rise at a rate of 10p/gallon between bunkering stations, I would have told them they were crazy. Today’s tank was 10p A LITRE more expensive than the last. Ten soddin pence! About the only plus from this crazy escalation in the cost of transport is how far I’ve travelled since my last refill. Multiple runs up to Barnstaple, down to Tavistock, back and forward to Exeter, in and out of Plymouth, Bude... Not so much a carbon footprint as a cross-county CO2 stampede. Guess I’ll have to plant another tree. In London I’d have driven a tenth of the distance on the same tank, the motor spending 90% of its time sitting at lights or in queues of traffic, going nowhere.

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