Friday, May 23

Outer dark

As I’ve mentioned before, this guys stuff can be something of an acquired taste. Outer dark was McCarthy’s second novel (’68), and if you’re prompted to buy it after watching the film No country for old men you’ll probably be disappointed. You need to work up to it. I started with NCFOM and drifted backwards. This is the tenth of his ten novels that I’ve read; out of sequence as it wasn’t readily available. Classic McC - the first sentence is 105 words long. A predictably violent saga about incest, murder and grave-robbing cannibals which actually manages to be both entertaining and inspirational. Wasn’t sold on The Orchard Keeper, but this - together with Child of God are very readable. Lapped up the border trilogy, though Suttree and more particularly Blood Meridian are out on their own. The latter really is a tour de force western and about as far as you get from JT Edson.

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