Sunday, May 4

No reprieve

About the only positive thing you can say is ‘we’re not Derby,’ now confirmed as the worst ever Premiership League side; even more pathetic than McCarthy’s Sunderland. Scant consolation though, Derby’s supporters sound much more bullish about their future. And there’s no solace in admitting we’re really a Championship League side. Are lesser men. So disappointed in the players’ performance. Whilst Fulham deserved to win yesterday, and no doubt the complementary caviar and Viagra from Al Fayed helped, you’d think we’d have gone down fighting. Away from the St Andrews comfort blanket they play like a bunch of feardies, as Big Eck would probably say. I know it’s not over and if the Blues manage a result over Sparky’s lot and Pompey trash the Cottagers... But what for? Why prolong the agony? There’s no fun in watching as we’re kicked around the pitch by patently better clubs; dismissed by Wigan, humiliated at Villa... Suspect there’s a large number of supporters who’ll throw in the towel at the end of the season. Can’t necessarily fault the Board, they reached the limits of their ambition some time ago and have done their best to offload the club to someone with deeper pockets. However, if Brady wants to keep the show on the road through next season - and during a time of diminishing economic prospects for most people - she’d needs to think about providing a more attractive product. On the plus side they’ll be down here in Plymouth next season, and we’ll be meeting some old friends from Charlton and Palace - always assuming The Eagles falter in the playoffs.

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