Friday, May 2

Moscow AND Manchester!

For about 3.5 seconds I entertained the idea of treating The Boss to a trip to Moscow. However, my friends at Stamford Bridge who are hoping to make the final advise the best deal they’ve been able to swing on hotel rooms is for £400/night, basis a three-night minimum stay. When you add the cost of tickets, transport, a bottle or two of Smirnov and the odd dish of beetroot soup, you might as well put the money towards a new wide-screen TV and two 2008-9 season tickets.

Congrats to Rangers. Chuffed for Walter Smith and the cheeky chap. Embarrassed to say I had my pocket money on Fiorentina. And to win on a penalty shoot-out! The guys at South London Mansions are ecstatic, already warming up the Cold Blow Lane charabanc for the run to Manchester.

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