Monday, May 26

Knife crime

Another kid from the old stamping ground, Sidcup, dies from knife crime. I’m currently re-reading Brighton Rock; a reminder this is no new phenomenon, and - in Pinkie - a text book example of what motivates alienated young men. Also serves to remind us that the ‘respect’ agenda isn’t a black exclusivity. Banning guns post-Dunblane has done little to curtail the availability of weapons, and I doubt further curbs on the sale of knives would help. Enforcing a knife ban wouldn’t have helped Jimmy Mizzen. It’s unlikely the threat of prison deters. Hanging would, probably. However, it’s fanciful to imagine capital punishment being reinstated. Higher profile policing may reassure the public, but knives were a cause of concern when I was a kid, and no doubt when both my father and grandfather were teenagers.

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