Monday, December 17

What's up Doc?

We’re gradually working, or should I say ‘eating’ our way through the local countryside. And with the exception of wild boar, our journey has been a pleasurable one. I’ve long been a fan of rabbit: rabbit stew, rabbit fricassee, rabbit with peppers and tomatoes, roasted with herbs-mustard-bacon-cider… Yet whilst I’m familiar with the differences between farmed and wild bunnies, yesterday’s rabbit and forcemeat pie was something of an eye opener. Strong tasting? If I hadn’t know the butcher I’d have sworn it was road kill; dated road kill at that. The taste of well hung game is one thing, but chummy must have played wing-half alongside Stanley Matthews. A very old fashioned taste that brought back memories of my maternal Grandmother’s food; so much so, I found myself poking about for pearl barley. If I’m forced to eat the remaining half for today’s lunch it’s going to be accompanied by large portions of HP sauce.

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