Friday, December 21

Goose or turkey?

The geese have bought it and ours is lying on a slab ready for plucking and drawing. That said, we attended the local livestock market’s turkey auction yesterday in case of a change of mind. I’d never seen so many naked birds. Going rate for a 10-12 kilo model was about £40: more expensive than I thought. In the old days I used to leave it until the last moment in order to secure 'a bargain' from one of Leadenhall market’s poultry dealers. Until that fateful year, that is, when I found myself with the last turkey in the shop. Unfortunately, it was of similar size to the one that Scrooge sent round to Bob Cratchit and proved too large to fit Mrs G’s oven. Another of those boobs of Christmas past.

Talking of turkeys… I see Friends’ investors have been blanked on the property front as the company is down to 5% of cash liquidity to cover nervous punters who want out. Expect a stampede of withdrawals from other property funds. The worst investments I’ve made were those associated with Friends Provident; and although I’ve retained a token number of shares to serve as a warning about imprudent speculations, I’m pleased to have bailed out of the serious stuff when the fixed term recently ended. Piss ups and breweries come to mind.

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