Wednesday, November 28

Same old, same old...

I take no pleasure in Bottler’s embarrassment. Yes, politics can be a fun, spectator sport; but all we really want is a bunch of competent administrators who’ll shut the fuck up and go about the business of making our trains run on time. We accept these guys line their pockets, and - up to a point - are willing to turn a blind eye; however… We don’t like to be preached too; or lied too; or have our hard-earned money expropriated and pissed away unnecessarily. Brown has always appeared a sour-faced ogre whose demeanour does little to improve the quality of life. His principal attribute was our perception of a competence for the task at hand: a competence we suspect is lacking from this Labour administration. I thought we’d reached rock bottom when that girl with the caravan was appointed foreign secretary, but it seems the barrel scraping has still some way to go. Labour inherited an economy to die for and have more or less coasted for ten years. Now, at a time when America faces recession and the UK’s prospects look decidedly shaky, at a time our enemies are in the ascendancy, I find we’ve Steve McClaren’s Celtic cousin at the helm.

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