Sunday, November 11

Red rags and bulls

I’d forgotten yesterday was the start of our hunting season until half way along the lane, en route to the Kwik-E-Mart. Participants and their supporters had lined the moor with Land Rovers, pick up trucks and horse boxes. A fire sale of wax jackets and small vicious dogs. Unfortunately, due to a pressing engagement, my view of the action was limited to a stray hound that had taken a wrong turn and was waiting outside the front door when I returned home. A large, panting creature that most definitely belonged outside of the barn - billeted in a kennel. Hunting’s current rise in popularity appears in part to be a reaction against the ban. This most unlikely icon of public rebellion was confirmed last week at the Sex Pistol’s gig, when Johnny Rotten appeared on stage wearing tweeds. Will governments never learn. I'm afraid their current efforts to demonise booze will most likely be seen by large sections of the community as a valid reason to redouble their efforts in the Dog & Duck.

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