Monday, July 16

Fly by

She's set up home in the yard, but it looks like the bird's now chick-less; tough world out there. You can forget the Hawk trainers, there’s some serious tonnage exercising overhead this morning, and the fuel they’re burning is costing a little more than the VAT on my last Majestic order. Two likely looking lads have been circling in Harriers. If this was Helmand Province, I’d be a little more worried. I wonder if they’re practising for the Napoli? The mere fact I can see them is an indication that skies have cleared. A couple of days sunshine would be nice; an hour or two would be welcome. Our neighbour was kind enough to drop by with another basket of fresh produce. Touch embarrassing, given I was still in my dressing gown. I can hear him now… ‘louche city types.’

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