Sunday, May 6

Wild flowers at Stoney end

£500 to see (and hear) a living legend? As expected, Barbra Streisand’s forthcoming London concert sold out in double quick time. In little more than twenty minutes, so rumour says. Five hundred pounds for a 65 year old bird with a big nose may seem excessive, but - like most things in modern day Britain - it’s all about supply and demand. And this could be a one night only opportunity that may never come around again. (I know, I know, they said that the last time.)Must admit to being a fan. (Of her music, that is. God, she’s a pain in the butt when pontificating on politics, or life in general.) I was never in the same league as the Memsahib and her brother, but remain an enthusiast non-the-less. Compact and vinyl discs adorn the shelves, reflecting the longevity of interest. Music remains a medium that easily lends itself to chronicling peoples lives. Hearing a long forgotten song on the radio can suddenly and quite magically bring the past to life. For me, Stoney End is one of the tracks that defines an era of great parties in tenement apartments during the early ’70s. It never fails to raise a smile.When she last appeared in ’94 I was fortunate enough to secure four ‘front row’ tickets from the box office, at face value. Must admit to wavering slightly when someone offered four grand - but Mrs G. would never have forgiven me. To do justice to the occasion we spruced ourselves up and hired a limousine for the evening. Alighting at the venue was a treat in itself, arriving as we did along with the great and the good; paparazzi popping a barrage of shots whilst wondering who the hell we were. One of the highlight for brother-in-law was meeting Frank Worthington in the queue. Any reservations about the evening disappeared the moment Streisand entered stage right. Walking directly across to the four of us, she glaced down, and - backed by an awesome orchestra - launched into her first number.I’ve been to my fair share of concerts. Sitting next to Ray Charles when he performed in a small joint in Texas was memorable, as was Tom Petty in a neighbourhood bar; the Stones, Seger, Springsteen…; Otis Reading, way back. But nothing ever grabbed me like that performance. If you get the chance and someone proffers a ticket for this next show, don’t pass it up.

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Rosemount rocked back then did it not Ah nostalgia