Sunday, May 6

Not quite over

Do I want Birmingham to beat Preston and become division champions on the final game of the season? Is the Pope a Bavarian! That said, we’re promoted to the Premiership - and that’s what counts; bragging rights are icing. Preston have a lot to play for, but we have some form. Paddypower rates the Blues at 5-2, Sunderland at 1-2. Excitement now switches to the play offs.

The latest and greatest in state schools has no playground! The head of Peterborough’s Thomas Deacon city academy believes children should be prevented from ‘running around at break time in uncontrollable groups.’ Guess he’s from the same bunch of characters that want to ban football in playgrounds because it discriminates against girls, who can’t/won’t take part. And they wonder why obesity amongst kids is flourishing. Please, please, let there be enough budding anarchists amongst the academy’s future 3c that want to screw the system. The more you control, the greater the need to rebel. I assume this is part of the establishment's answer to narrowing our academic gender gap: by turning boys into girls.

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