Thursday, May 17

The great escape

Foiled another mass outbreak by the woollies yesterday. Am getting quite good at rounding them up and returning the little critters to their paddock. Leaving the sheep to range would probably save me a day's graft with the strimmer, but I doubt Mrs G. would be best pleased that her prized garden was turned into fodder. Truth to tell, sheep are little more than eating machines; they sleep, eat grass for several hours, before head butting each other and going on to repeat the process. Looks like money for old rope to me. I’m fighting a losing battle, as three have already returned and are curled up on the door step. The fact that the cat’s chasing two pheasants across the top of them doesn’t appear to register. And all of a sudden cattle have arrived on the ranch. I don’t see a steer for months, then the fields are filled with stout looking types - doing much the same as the sheep. But where did they come from? Do they winter indoors, in local barns, to be grass fed once the sun comes out?

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