Friday, March 30

Exeter food festival

I’m not always convinced about food festivals: too many people trying to reinvent themselves as artisan sausage makers. It takes more than a farmhouse kitchen and organic label to produce decent food. However, today’s visit to the Exeter Food Festival was something of an eye opener: lots of quality produce and ranks of enthusiastic foodies. I usually make a token purchase to show willing, but on this occasion ran out of spondulics after only an hour in the tents. Very impressed with Fishleigh Estate’s presentation. Located only a couple of miles from the barn, they produce impressive organic meat that’s been hung for a reasonable length of time. In addition to the usual supplies, Mrs G. decided to treat me - by purchasing half a goat. Cooking cabrito is real simple - providing you’re happy to dig a hole in the yard. All you need is a three-foot-deep pit, with blazing oak (or mesquite) fire at the bottom. Wrap the goat in a sack and drop into the hole; cover with dirt to seal in the heat and let it cook all day. As I said: simple. The only remaining effort involves a little patience, and a taste for Dos Equis Especials.

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